Thursday, May 18, 2006

Public Affairs Musing

Warning: Every so often, a thought on some actual issue of the day crosses my mind. I promise any such postings will be as brief as possible, making them easier to skip.

The rains in New England have stopped for now, and the lawn services are making up for lost time this morning. Around the corner, my personal favorite service, Keltic Landscaping, was unloading mowers, rakes, and blowers.

Keltic is my favorite because all of the guys on the truck look like they're from Kosta Rica. They are Latinos and if they're immigrants, it's doubtful they sought visas to pursue a career in mulch spreading.

No surprise. Landscaping work has employed low-wage immigrants since forever. Check out how many Japanese gardeners appear in Raymond Chandler's stories.

Try as I might, I couldn't visualize the Keltic crew as a threat to the Republic. Nor could I see why they shouldn't become citizens if they wished.

We can make room for immigrants who wish to join the USA by giving the citizenship exam to native-born Americans. After we deport the 100 million or so who'll flunk, there'll be plenty of room for newcomers.


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