Tuesday, January 22, 2019

It's a Simple Game, Cont.

       In two playoff games, the New England Patriots have scored 79 points. Why?

BECAUSE (See below)

     In those two games the Patriots have rushed for 331 yards, or 165 yards a game.

     In those two games, Tom Brady has attempted 90 passes and was never sacked.

     In short, the Pats' offensive line is kicking ass and taking names at an historic level. If they continue to do so in Super Bowl 53, New England will win it, probably reasonably easily (10 points or more). If the firm of Donald and Suh intervenes on behalf of the Rams and make the line of scrimmage an even fight, the issue will be in doubt.

     There. You have have been freed up to otherwise enjoy the time you'd spend absorbing Super Bowl hype. Journalism, even unpaid journalism, is all about service.


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