Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Hangover, Part XXIXth Olympiad.

After every Olympic Games, I am just sportsed out. Two and a half weeks of intensely watching and enjoying non-stop athletic activity takes a toll. In this case, the toll is a complete inability to bounce back into the "normal" cavalcade of sports in this here US of A.

Can't watch the Red Sox. Can't begin to think about upcoming fantasy drafts. Can't even conceive of the college football season starting. Am actively appalled by the Little League World Series. Am so far gone that I'm actually participating in a New York City Broadway theater excursion this weekend because I just can't get myself together to watch the initial FedEx Cup playoff tournament, whatever it is.

Coming down off a sports OD takes time, an unpredictable amount of time. There have been occasions where two nights of restful sleep do the trick. Then again, when I returned from Sydney in 2000, I was unable to function in sports world for over a week. The mind just has to reset at its own pace.

Just before I awoke this morning, I was deep into a vivid, detailed and horrifying dream in which not only were St. John's and Villanova about to join the Big 12 Conference, but I was a sportswriter again and had to cover the story. So I suppose my sports hangover is cured and I'm back.

Is "cured" really the right word there?


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