Wednesday, February 11, 2015

What Price February Glory?

Here's a thought experiment for Patriots fans here in Boston, and I trust they'll answer it with the intellectual honesty expected of NFL champions.

It's second and goal from the one with 55 seconds left in the Super Bowl, and in a flash of brimstone, temptation appears in the form of Mr. Applegate in "Damn Yankees." He has a proposition.

"You can let this play its course and Marshawn Lynch scores on the next play and you lose. BUT, it won't snow in Boston for the rest of the month," says the man of wealth and taste. "Say the word, and I'll cloud Pete Carroll's mind and he'll call a pass and you win. After that, you take your chances with the weather, but I'd advise buying some extra shovels."

Which would you choose? Which would you choose if we get that blizzard for the weekend the weathermen are freaking about?


At 8:05 AM, Blogger Cape Cod Scott said...

Snow? Who cares!
Give us the Ring every time!


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