Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Perception Is Only Reality for Those Paid to Offer Perceptions

In his first exhibition game last Friday night, Tom Brady completed eight of 10 passes for 81 yards and a touchdown. He also threw a pick six. The consensus of both local and national opinionators was that Brady looked his old self and is ready to roll (local inane criticism of Brady focuses on his failings at an unspecified future date).

Didn't catch the Redskins-Browns game last night, lucky me, but the consensus of local and national opinionators today was that Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III was just terrible and is probably going to be maimed for life on a running play if he's not benched in favor of the obviously superior Kirk Cousins. The consensus was so vehement it aroused my curiosity.

A few mouse clicks on NFL.com revealed the following. Griffin completed six of eight passes for 112 yards and threw an interception. He ran four times for 24 more yards. That's a lot of production in three series. Maybe he didn't look good out there, but the numbers say he did SOMETHING right. They also say the opinionators are opining off the back foot of conclusion first, evidence later.


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