Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Am I the Only Boston-Area Resident Who...

Could really use a little break from the Dropkick Murphys right about now? My first reaction to seeing them on stage at Marty Walsh's victory celebration last night was "Oh, no, them again?!"

They're a good band. Their act is worth catching. It is not an act worth catching on a daily basis, and lately, the Dropkicks have been inescapable. The World Series! Marty Walsh! The Red Sox Parade!! OK, OK, I get it. You're loyal Bostonians through and through. So are a lot of other people, and they're not going around acting like the city's Garage Band Laureate, a post that last time I looked did not exist, although I wouldn't put it past Walsh to appoint them.

Don't go away forever, gang. We can still be friends. It's just I think we start seeing other people, in your case, people somewhere else. Aren't bands supposed to love life on the road? They always sing about it. A three month concert tour would be just the thing to get the creative flow going again in time for next baseball season.

If they like you in Boston, they'll love you in Auckland, Melbourne, Singapore and Bangkok!


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