Saturday, June 08, 2013

A Los Angeles True Story

Grand Park is the newest park in downtown Los Angeles. It stretches five or six blocks west from City Hall, all uphill I might add. One of the blocks contains a very large fountain with an area in front which serves as a kiddie wading pool.

The pool was crowded on a late May Saturday. It was mainly crowded with parents taking pictures of their kids in the fountain, but there were a fair number of families who were using the pool in the way its architect intended -- giving Mom and Dad a chance to sit down and take a load off.

One such family had three kids splashing merrily in the pool, and one, a real little kid, maybe five at the outside, hanging back. He was in his bathing suit and as some little boys are, was very shy and embarrassed by the fact others could see his underpants beneath the suit.

His mom wasn't having any of that. Using her sternest mom voice, she said "Those are Calvin Kleins! Wear them with pride!! Now get in there!"


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