Sunday, February 03, 2013

Super Moment of XLVII, Guaranteed

The Ravens and 49ers could play a 52-49 game that ends with a six-period overtime and it won't me the entertainment I got at 7 a.m. from a most unlikely source -- ESPN's telecast of the Mike & Mike radio talk show.

Mike and Mike had nothing to do with, well, almost nothing. The thrills and laughter were provided by Herm Edwards, explaining why he was a little late because, in the kind of accident that can happen to anybody, he had dropped the keys to his rental car down a storm drain.

Edwards didn't just say that and drop it, either. He told a long complex anecdote about the failure of his rental company to have another set of keys to the car and his subsequent triumphant recovery of the keys by fishing them out with a coathanger he'd hooked up to a broom. He was voluble, jolly, even exultant.

Of course, dropping the car keys down a storm drain is in fact the kind of thing that can happen in New Orleans the night before a Super Bowl. It does not, however, happen at dawn when driving to the studio for a hard day's specious commentating.

Here's where Mike and Mike earned their big bucks as entertainers. Any mediocre talk show host could have pointed out that Edwards' story might be somewhat off as far as its timeline and exact circumstances are concerned. Golic and Greenberg played it totally straight, their gentle ribbing based on the theme that this was the sort of wacky dilemma that their pal Herm encounters as a regular part of humdrum daily life.
My God, what if they were telling the truth?


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