Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Pedestrian Pigskin Preview

Boy, I'm glad I don't have to write New England Patriot season preview and prediction columns for a living anymore. They're pointless, because all football predictions with a longer time frame than the next game are inherently absurd. But they're also tedious to do, and I imagine to read, because it's such a repetitive experience.

Any forecaster with the slightest intellectual honesty could reach into the past and use last year's Pats forecast for this year's. Or the year before that. Or any damn year of the last decade back to 2002.

Worst case scenario: The Pats win 10 games. They are prohibitive favorites to win the AFC East, among the seven or eight teams most likely to reach the Super Bowl and among the four or five teams most likely to win it. Write, file, repeat. And repeat, and..., but you get the idea.

The endurance of this evergreen forecast is an enormous tribute to the Pats franchise in general and Bill Belichick and Tom Brady in particular. But it sure is dull to write, talk or think about.

Easy, though. You'd think commentators who churn out the stuff would display more gratitude for that break.


At 10:32 PM, Blogger Sally Cragin said...

Now that I know this site is here, I will continue to read, but Mike, I spent Sunday canvassing for E. Warren and N. Tsongas and had no idea there was a game that day. Thank GOD we finished before it started. I've made that mistake before...


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