Sunday, October 02, 2011

Nobody Spent Much Time Thinking About Pete Sampras' Return of Serve

A football team that scores more than 30 points in every game has perforce reduced the role of its defense from that of a 50-50 partner to one of those unknown (but well-rewarded) guys who went into the Yankees with George Steinbrenner. A turnover here and there, forcing a punt every couple of quarters, and its work is done, thank you. Hell, that defense only only has to do half its own job. It can give up eight yards a carry, and sooner or later, the other team will stop running as surely as if they had held them to negative yardage

Of course, very few football teams DO score 30 or more in every game. Eventually, therefore, it's likely the defense of the 2011 New England Patriots actually will become a horrid liability. But today wasn't eventually. So I'm content to let the coaches yell at the defense. They get paid to do it.


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