Saturday, June 11, 2011

The Scoreboard Has No Memory -- And Neither Do Fans

The only comment I find relevant to the 2011 Stanley Cup Final was uttered 50 years ago about an entirely different event.

"Lucky for you guys it was match play and not medal" -- Bob Hope to Bill Mazeroski several months after the 1960 World Series.

The Vancouver Canucks lost two games to the Bruins in which, let's face it, they picked up their ball and put in their collective pocket sometime in the middle of the second period. No matter. By the eyeball test, Boston has appeared to be the superior team in the series by a significant margin. The Bruins, for instance, had the only road lead either team has managed to acquire back in Game Two. REALLY no matter.

Boston's one down with two to play. Hardly an insuperable margin in either golf or hockey, but a sticky situation all the same. And anyone who tells you the Bruins have really been, as opposed to looking like, the better team in this series is full of it. They don't even know how to keep score.


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