Monday, February 22, 2010

Ice Pop Quiz

I wasn't brought up a hockey fan (no hockey in Philly when I was a kid). I freely admit that my knowledge of the game, history, tactics, etc. is not what it could be, and that only the advent of HD TV has me watching enough of the sport to make it up to the "casual fan" level.

But I do know some things. In fact, I apparently know enough to be OVERqualified to have hockey-related employment for the NBC Television Network or local TV news.

So gang, I offer the following quick ID quiz. If someone tells you that last night's rousing U.S. 5-3 victory Canada in the Olympics was "the biggest upset in hockey since the 1980 Olympics (direct quote from one of Channel 7's animatronic anchoress sets of empty lingerie), they are telling you one or more of the following pieces of information about themselves.

1. They know less about hockey than Michael Gee, because they know nothing. One team of topflight pros beat another in what qualifies as a pleasant surprise. Not the stuff lifetimes spent in inspirational speaking are made of. The U.S. pros will have go back to being millionaire Ducks, Bruins, Devils, and so forth.

2. They work in television misinformation.

3. Hockey is not the only subject about which they can steer you wrong.


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