Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today's Cause of Death of the Newspaper Industry

The lead story in the Boston Sunday Globe, which is the closest thing that organization has to a money-making entity is that jaywalking is a common practice among the city's pedestrians. Honest.

We look forward to next week's knock-your-socks-off expose "Winter in New England Expected to Long, Unpleasant!"

There is no business model that can save a company which creates a product for which there is no use. Here we have a NEWSpaper which ignores that the root word of "news" is "new." The Globe presented as the most important fact affecting the lives of its customers something which they already knew, and which they have known for as long as they lived in the Boston area.

Not only wouldn't I pay to read such a story on the Internet, I wouldn't, and didn't read it for free. My time isn't worth much, but it's worth something.


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