Saturday, May 02, 2009

No Open Fires! Ommmm No Kegs! Ommmm

The Dalai Lama is appearing (what is the right verb here, anyway?) at Gillette Stadium this weekend. This brings to mind two questions.

1. Will Bill Belichick come out of his office to check it out? I can testify that Raymond Berry, when he was Pats' coach, was completely oblivious to the Rolling Stones shooting parts of a rock video on the giant stage at the old Foxboro Stadium 100 very loud yards from HIS office. But my guess is that Belichick's thoroughness will cause him to at least take a peek. A coach never knows when spiritual enlightenment will come in handy, especially for games within the division.

2. Far more important. What will tailgaters bring to this event? Will the haze and stench of burnt meat smoke that hangs over Patriots games be replaced the haze and stench of burnt tofu? And if so, will it actually smell worse?

Again, I'm betting yes. But I sincerely hope that one Foxboro tradition is not upheld when the Dalai hits the stage. It'd be very embarrassing for our region if there were arrests for disorderly conduct.


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