Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Intervention Needed on Soldiers Field Road,

Somebody has to lock WBZ-TV in a closet and break their addiction to pumping the Red Sox hype machine. STAT!!!

Leading the 6 o'clock news with the fact Dustin Pedroia was named American League MVP was legit news judgment. That's a big award, and face it, we don't have much local news here most days. It's one reason I like living in Boston.

However, tonight's six o'clock news had as its second or third news report the shocking fact that Coco Crisp was traded to the Royals. A scoop that hot couldn't wait for sports.

Fourth outfielder traded!!! Somebody call the Governor!!! Coco Crisp traded to Royals for reliever not one viewer could name before today is not a news story. It is like the fourth item in the sports segment of any sanely managed local news broadcast.

WBZ doesn't do sane. They do "homer." They lead all leagues in simpering use of the word "we" by anchors discussing sports teams. Jonathan Kraft better watch out. One dark night, he'll discover unknown sign burglars renamed CBS Place with three other call letters.


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