Monday, September 15, 2008

The Quarterback as Laboratory Subject

Hypothesis: A quarterback who did not throw an interception for an entire season would give his team a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than one who set a record for touchdown passes.
Past research: No quarterback has thrown enough passes to be eligible for the season's quarterback ratings without throwing an interception. Not one. Ever. Joe Ferguson of the Bills had 151 pass attempts with only one pick in 1976. That's the closest anyone ever came, and the Bills didn't win the Super Bowl that year, obviously.
BUT, there have been two quarterbacks who set a record for touchdown passes in a season, had their teams reach the Super Bowl, and both those teams lost. Dan Marino of the 1984 Dolphins, and Tom Brady of the 2007 Patriots.
This leaves Matt Cassel. Two games, 46 attempts, no interceptions, two wins. In the interests of science, perhaps Matt can keep it up.


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