Monday, July 30, 2007

The Team of Tomorrow, or at Least the Next Hour and a Half

According to reports confusing even by Internet standards, the Celtics are no longer the NBA's youngest team building a champion of the future. They are now a collection of superstars on the back nine out to win the 2008 NBA title or else. Unless, of course, the deal for Kevin Garnett falls through (again). Then it's back to the juggernaut of 2011! Don't cancel those season tickets. Please.

I have to figure this time the deal goes down. Celtics fans are a credulous lot, but if TWO Garnett trades fail to occur in a little over a month, even they will realize they're being jerked around.

So let's assume the Celts will consist of Garnett, Ray Allen, Paul Pierce, and 9 guys to be named later and changed continuously. Would that be better than Celtic Youth on the March? Definitely. Would that team be favorites to win the Eastern Conference? Yes, even if Danny Ainge neglects to fill those nine vacant roster spots.

That's not to say, however, the deal WILL take place. Ainge has taught Celtics' observers to keep loose in the batter's box. The New Idea has a tendency to be replaced by a Newer Idea at a dizzying pace. The Celts should print their rosters on those Erase-A-Sketch wax pads popular when I was a kid.

So let me salute the grizzled vets who'll lead the Celtics back to glory next season, and/or the next great players of the 21st century who'll build their own legend in seasons to come. At this point, the Celtics' rallying cry is "Whatever."


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