Sunday, July 01, 2007

Holiday Inn

Life never ceases to surprise. Who'd have ever thought I'd wake up one perfect New England morning feeling sorry for Vladimir Putin?

The president/dictator of Russia is a nasty piece of work. This has been true of most Russian leaders for over a millenium, so apparently Russians like it that way. Despite the blood on his hands, no one could wish on Putin what he voluntarily has taken on himself.

Putin arrived in Kennebunkport, Maine today for a 4th of July weekend at the Bush family compound. Just him, George H.W., Babs, George W., and Laura. What fun! A little boating, a few lobster dinners, a little policy talk-and a great deal of family awkwardness.

The Bush family dynamic has not resembled that of the Cleaver family in the best of times. These are not the best of times. The crosscurrents of WASP dysfunction and geopolitical catastrophe will make Putin feel like an unwilling participants to the grimmest scenes of a novel co-written by James Cheever and Stephen King.

One understands why Putin accepted the current President Bush's invitation. Business is business. If Bush had expressed a wish to play poker this weekend, Daniel Negreanu would've been on his doorstep. This could be Putin's last crack at the chump.

But what a price to pay! KGB men aren't much for embarrassment, but there are going to be plenty of moments Putin will wish the floor of the Bush cigarette boat could swallow him up for a clean getaway.

Putin is a no-good bastard. But I hope the Russian people appreciate he's a conscientous no-good bastard.


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