Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Always Glad to Help, Commissioner

Bud Selig wants all players named All-Stars to show up for the All-Star Game. So why doesn't he take actions within his power to make 100 percent attendance an annual reality.

Just make it mandatory, Bud. Call up Don Fehr (you have his cell number, right?) and have language inserted into the Basic Agreement making All-Star participation a contractual obligation for any Star not on the disabled list. Presto! Alleged slackers like Manny Ramirez would be required to don uniforms for the Midsummer Classic.

Of course, Fehr certainly would demand players get a little something in return for fulfilling that requirement. One can't eat honor, after all.

Until and unless Selig is willing to take that step, his bleating about the All-Star Game will remain hooey. But then, a commissioner without hooey would hardly be a proper leader for our national pastime.


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