Saturday, June 17, 2006

Why fewer people are buying newspapers, an ongoing series, alas.

The front page of today's Boston Globe is primarily devoted to cute pictures of a zebra at the Franklin Park Zoo. The only world or national news story on the lead page of New England's largest newspaper bore the following shocking headline.

"Gates' Successor Faces Tough Act to Follow at Microsoft."

Stop the presses! Get the Pulitzer Committee out of bed! Back in my journalism youth, the response to such an earth-shattering insight was "Heard about the Lindbergh baby?"

That story isn't news. It's an editor eager to get an early start out of town on a Friday afternoon. Considering that the Globe is losing fistfuls of circulation AND ad revenue, one would think the paper might try a little harder.

One would be wrong. Entitlement dies hard. Too bad it often takes entire businesses to the grave with it.


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